The Roman Philosopher Lucius Anneaus Seneca (4 BCE-65 CE) was perhaps the first to note the universal trend that growth is slow but ruin is rapid. I call this tendency the "Seneca Effect."

Sunday, October 3, 2021

The Age of Exterminations (III). Why you Should be Worried. Very Worried

 Disclaimer. I am no prophet and I have no crystal ball. I am just trying to find patterns in history. And I think many historical events can be explained simply on the basis of the tendency of people to try to make money whenever possible, even at the cost of doing the most evil things imaginable. That sometimes leads me to making rather somber predictions, as in this post, the 3rd of a series on mass exterminations (part one and part two). Sorry about this, but think that I may well be wrong -- and I hope so! (above: a hospital in Chernobyl in 2018: is that the destiny of our health care centers?) 

The extermination of social subgroups is a relatively recent phenomenon in history but, unfortunately, it seems to have become more and more frequent in recent times. Often, as in the case of the witch-hunting age, extermination is the result of a perfectly rational attitude that develops in societies under heavy stress. When a social subgroup is relatively wealthy, can be identified, and can't offer significant military resistance, there are good chances that its members will be exterminated and their assets confiscated. That was what happened to the people branded as "witches" in Europe during the 16th and 17th century in Europe. Another classic case was that of the Jews, a few centuries later.  

At this point, considering that our society is surely under heavy stress, the question is: which subgroup could be the next target for extermination? I asked this question to the readers in a previous post of this series, but almost nobody could identify the right target. Now I think I can propose the answer:

The most likely target for the next extermination round are middle-class retirees. 

Retirees satisfy all the requirements: They are identifiable, of course, they are old! They are often relatively wealthy and, more than that, they cost a lot of money in terms of health care. Finally, they can hardly put up serious military resistance. Exterminating the middle-class elders would be both easy and profitable

Let's make a few calculations. In the US, there are nowadays about 46 million retirees living on social security. The US spends about 7% of its GDP on pensions, that is, about 1.5 trillion dollars per year (about $30.000/person/year). That's more than the about 1 trillion dollars that the US government spends for the military budget, bloated as it is. 

Assuming that you could remove just 10% of the retirees, it would mean saving some 150 billion dollars per year. But, in practice, much more than that if you take into account the health care costs. For instance, summing nursing care facilities and home care for the elderly, we are talking of something close to 300 billion dollars per year, and that does not include hospitalization costs.  The potential savings are truly huge: hundreds of billions of dollars. 

Of course, exterminating the elderly cannot be done using the same demonization techniques used in the past against the witches and the Jews. Old people are parents and grandparents and their offspring won't normally like to see them burned at the stake or gassed in extermination chambers. But extermination takes many forms, and it is rarely explicitly proclaimed. After all, it never happened in history that you could find a sign with the words "extermination camp" at the gate of an extermination camp. During WWII. for instance, the Germans were told that the Jews were just being relocated, not that they were being exterminated. In other cases, the people being exterminated were glorified as heroes

So, what form could the extermination of old people take? It would be done using well-known propaganda techniques, the main one being to state the exact opposite of what is being done. In other words, when the idea is to kill some people, propaganda will convince everybody that the plan is to do them a favor (do you remember the "humanitarian bombs" dropped on Serbia?)

In practice, the weak spot of the middle-class retirees is that they need medical assistance and that they cannot normally pay the skyrocketing costs on their personal saving. So, they could be gently removed from the state budget by degrading the public health care system while saying that it is being modified in order to protect them. A clever way of doing it would be to focus so much on curing a specific single disease that the result would be a decline of the care for the illnesses that mostly affect aged people: cardiovascular diseases and tumors. A parallel measure to intensify the effect would be to degrade the quality of the food available, making it become less nutritious and contaminated with all sorts of pollutants.This method would not affect the elites, who can pay for good health care and and good food, but it will hit directly those who live on pensions.

Now, let's take a look at the current situation. In 2020 the average life expectancy in the US has declined by nearly 2% for a total of 600,000 extra deaths, most of them old people. So, we are talking of some 20 billion dollars saved just in terms of pensions. But it is much more than that considering the saving in health care costs. These numbers are not large in comparison to the US GDP, but not peanuts, either. And what we are seeing is just the start of a trend. 

At this point, it is customary to start screaming: "conspiracy theory!" It is true that, in most cases, pretended conspiracies are based on nothing. The world is so huge and complicated that it is unthinkable to see what happens as the result of a group of evil people collecting, say, in the basement of Bill Gates' mansion in Seattle. The mechanism that leads to collective events is collective: society as a whole is a complex network with a certain ability to process information. It does that without being "conscious" of what is being done: there is no plan, no specific objectives to reach. But often society moves as a whole in a specific direction. 

In this case, Western Society seems to perceive the problem created by an excess of elderly people, and it is moving to solve it. It is brutal, yes, but only individuals have moral restraints, society as a whole has none. Every decision taken individually affects all the other decisions, and we are seeing the results. It is nothing new in history where, typically, everything that happens, happens because it had to happen.


This said we have arrived at a worrisome (to say the least) conclusion. Most readers of the "Seneca Effect" blog are middle-class Westerners (maybe Mr. Gates reads my blog? Unlikely, but who knows?). And sooner or later we are all going to become middle-class retirees. Of course, we are not going to be "exterminated" in the literal sense of the word. That is, no firing squads, gas chambers, or the like. But we will have to live on a progressively poorer diet and we won't have the same kind of free health care that our parents and grandparents had

What can we do about that? The answer is, unfortunately, "very little." Of course, you'll do well in following a healthy lifestyle, exercise, try to avoid the worst kinds of junk food, all that. A sane mistrust in doctors and their unhealthy concoctions may also help a lot. But you have to face it: the life expectancy of the people who are alive today is going to drop like a stone. It will be a classic example of a Seneca Cliff. 

But is it so bad? I don't think we should take this as a reason for despair. At least, we'll avoid the sad trap of overmedicalization in which so many of our elders fell. When my father was 87, he had a heart attack. I remember that while we were waiting for the ambulance, he said, "I think it is time for me to go." He was not happy, but I think he understood what was happening to him and perhaps he savored the idea of being reunited with his wife, who had died the year before. But that was not to be. He was kept alive for five more years, every year worse than the previous year, until he was reduced to a vegetal, his mind completely gone, kept alive by tubes and machinery. Being humiliated in that way is not something anyone would desire. When it is time to go it is better to leave this world in peace. If possible, at home. 

Since this blog takes inspiration from the words of Lucius Annaeus Seneca, at this point I might suggest to you to read Seneca's "De Brevitate Vitae" ("on the shortness of life"). Seneca was not so great as a teacher of wisdom and he made some egregiously unwise mistakes (with Queen Boudica, for instance). But when his time came, he died an honorable death. The death of a true stoic


  1. Ivan Illich wrote many relevant pages about modern medicine treating human being as object of statistics, trying to make human life longer using technology at the cost of degradation of spiritual well being. Now that the problem of overpopulation is fully recognized, modern medicine needs to find the way to make life shorter.

    1. A bit harsh but not out of the ball park. I think that there is some movement toward "quality of life" being put into medical decisions. Maybe not an active search for "the way to make life shorter"(which is actually quite simple, just ask any infantryman) but a better means of factoring in the loss of quality of life entailed in the quest for life extension.

  2. Hi !
    Not fully conviced,
    quality of the food won't affect only retirees (public health care system maybe more).
    look at the energy of youngs and their diet... (maybe not fully correlated yes)

    However, wath about debate on euthanasia ?

  3. Hi,
    very interesting. You may also include uneffective and dangerous medics or vaccines as ways to make retiress meet god faster...

  4. They didn't meet in Bill's basement, but at the home of the pres. of Rockefeller U in Manhattan:

    And, I think you can bet this wasn't the only meeting of these types of people...WEF, etc. going to work. Build Back Better, lol.

    Good pieces Ugo...Saker wrote yesterday that war with Russia and China is the only way for the globalists to get what they want since Putin and Xi are there..and will try to stop it..Pepe Escobar and others recently too...this is the issue of the military reset you and I once had an interchange about that it now seems to me has to be part of The Great Reset for several don't mention depopulation as the real plan for climate change mitigation, but I'm sure it is. Ditto, the mRNA vaccines and the UK/German army document on Human Augmentation...too much to think about, but happening, nonetheless. Cheers, Christine

    1. I think there will be no war. Rather, the war already happened, it's over, and nobody noticed because that was not a conventional war. A classical war (not even nuclear) would have been a real disaster even for the elite. They knew it. And they decided that China was the only model that could be successful in the near future. Wall Street and the banksters sold everything to China including their best technologies. They will not go to war against them, they just hope China will protect them form Putin... Ugo talked about corruption in the roman empire and this is exactly what happened: China has bought the leaders of the empire. Simple. (And Russia has bought some politicians in Europe, too).

  5. I haven't watched this whole thing, just opened it randomly to a couple of places, including Gates in a TED talk about curbing world population with vaccines...and the graph at 1:35, which I think is accurate...not sure if there's an explanation in the video for the graph point for COVAX and vaccine neurological damage down the road. Bill Gates and the "subscription model for vaccines"....I told you I considered the flu shot a training wheel.
    Total medical reset...doctors fired if they try to give best treatment in the US covid hospitals situations.

    I haven't watched it, but opened it to 1:35/36...and believe it is correct, even if no one can predict timing.
    This was posted in a comment on Naked Capitalism...also, the Human Augmentation document was in an NC link...all goes together...kill off 6 billion, massive wealth to pick up, kill climate emissions, enslave the rest with genetic control:

    Just...Russia and China in the way...

    Some writers have suggested that this is what the mRNA technology is the beginning of... and why it's being pushed so hard for Pfizer to override the other vaccines...and go into babies etc. in the entire "democratic Western World" note...not being used in Russia...nor I think in China...or other places. Christine

  6. And, one other piece of information. I stumbled on an interview with Warren Buffett predicting another plague, much more serious than covid:

    Now, he was on Gate's Philanthropy Board til 2015 when he resigned. Probably know what he's talking about. Bet they won't release anything that they don't have their own medical protection for...but don't have to give it to the lower classes for any price. Or, give them something to add to the toxicity of the mRNA vacs? It would be strange if a real feral plague walked into this scene to throw the "best laid plans" off...Christine

  7. Good Piece, but for me it is not really convincing.
    I do believe western society will find a way to get rid of too many old people, as their burden is becoming unbearable for the ever shrinking young people.
    This said, I don't believe we're seeing an extermination attempt right now, quite the opposite.

    Letting covid go rampant could have killed more old people, as they're the frailest part of the population in regards to this particular virus. Also the hardest hit among the old people are those already weakened by conditions related to poor diet, such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes.

    As far as vaccines go, IMHO they're useless and possibly dangerous for the young, but they seem to be effective in reducing potentially lethal complications from the covid virus.

    Lockdowns and social distancing are indeed effective in reducing physical activity and increasing stress and related conditions like hypertension or depression; thus they should be effective in increasing the death toll on the old ones. But they also hit hard (or harder) on the young folks, who cannot count on pensions for their income, get even more stressed, and who also see their social capital eroded as well as their chances to find new mates.

    In my opinion this over reaction against covid is not an attempt to exterminate the old, but rather the opposite: it's just another product of the over medicalization of society, and also of todays technoscientific religion, for which it's simply not acceptable to let the life expentacy rate drop, as it would be a sign of a reversal of "progress".
    In todays religion nothing can shrink, everything should forever expand: GDP, food eaten, medicines sold, surgeries performed, vaccines administered, years spared from death, and so on.. Quality is not important. Only quantity is.

    I think we're seeing a far better attemp to exterminate the young people of today by not acting on stopping carbon emissions and biodiversity loss. Which incidentally is just another way to preserve the privileges of the old people at the expense of their children and nephews.
    Also political elites in the west are composed of mostly old folks; it's hard for me to think these old guys care more about the youngster than they care about their own class.

    Michele B.

  8. So, we are talking of some 20 billion dollars saved...

    When money is printed, $20 billion becomes no more than 20 pennies.

    $20 billion is less than the money exchanged gambling in Asia only - every night.

    Economics, since first lease-agreement to mine early coal in Britain, sealed ignoring the stuff is finite - has become not a closed system.

    Not a closed system means it is no other than Communism disguised Capitalism.

    What humans have been living since James Watt - is the best of Communism.

    Starting with a rosy promise and ending a Gulag.

    It is not that "Corporations used conservative religion to gain wealth & power & undo the New Deal" - but rather it is unmetered fossil fuels playing havoc with the Life and Future of humanity.

    When thousands of kilograms of biomass has taken millions of years to form a gallon of gasoline only to be sold today for $3.25 - as if the stuff is looted - it is no longer any Capitalism, but rather a Communism disguised Capitalism.

    No business has made or making a penny of real profit under our Communism disguised Capitalism since James Watt, not Amazon, not MS, not the Military Industrial Complex, not big Pharma, nobody - all of them are another Enron and Madoff-disguised.

    If you want to know who is paying the real price - trace the routes of 'B-52's.

    The plan is to keep the B-52s in service until 2075 - refurbishment after retooling after upgrade.

    "In an Energy system, Control is what consumes Energy the most".

    Fossil fuels have transitioned the world, since Adam Smith, from Feudalism straight into Communism - there is no such thing called Capitalism.

    Humans are now back to where they have started with Newcommons' steam engine - the difference is - there is not a drop of fossil fuels will soon be left behind.


  9. The meek, the poor, the destitute, will inherit what is left.
    Did you want to survive an A bomb?
    Are you sure you want to survive THIS future?

  10. Ugo, I think you are very wrong here. Is it possible that this is just your fear? After all you are in the category of (soon to be) "middle-class retiree".

    Like other people mentioned, the current changes are affecting a lot of people. The rich are fighting hard to maintain control and they have no problem destroying the future for the young people or literally killing the sick and old.
    But this is just the beginning. I see no reason not to listen to the WEF crowd when they say things like "no gasoline cars by 2030" or "no coal by 2035" and so on.
    It looks like in the next 10-20 years most westerners will have to rely on renewables only. That means a decrease of at least 5x in the standard of living.
    Simple math shows then that we should expect about a 10% decline EVERY SINGLE YEAR FROM NOW ON.

    So of course pensions will be on the cutting block (through inflation). But the working poor, the young and the nonconformists will suffer worse - starvation, lack of healthcare and maybe even genocide.

    Like I said in the previous comment on this blog, unless you are a buddy of Evil Gates, the only question is WHEN is your turn to be "cancelled" from your life?

  11. The effect of COVID on everything sounds like a conspiracy. With regards to the middle-class elderly, economic inflation is certainly doing its part, as that tends to hurt those on fixed incomes or savers. It is also strange to see what is discounted and what is going up. Food prices are going up, but meat is going up for unknown reasons, as the meat packers claim it is the cost of feed (mostly corn), but foods based on grain have gotten cheaper. Ethanol fuel is also cheaper compared to gasoline with little ethanol, even though oil prices have actually been fairly low (and it takes fossil fuels to plant, tend, harvest, and transport grain). I think the pandemic is being used as an excuse to "fix" climate issues while getting people used to suffering, but the middle-class retirees will probably feel the effects more so than other demographics. However, I think the biggest challenges to all demographics around the world will come when the USA elects its first non-boomer President. The collective amount of problems that person will have to solve in what is likely four years from now could bring the world to its knees.

  12. It seems kind of silly to me to say that when people get old and die they are being "exterminated". People don't live forever, and even though continuing deterioration in living conditions will adversely affect the elderly more than others, causing more death in that age group than in younger people, their deaths will just be a consequence of overshoot correcting itself, not deliberate extermination.

    Let's reserve the word "extermination" for those times when masses of people are actively killed by other people, not when people die from just being victims of unavoidable natural forces.

  13. It’s a good thing your nemesis Mr. Dumming Kopfer from the old blog -- what was it called? Cleopatra’s Lingerie? -- has not caught up with you to read this. He would have denounced it as another instance of how you ecogreenies are eager for the demise of mankind. He would say that you envirotypes are the same as Nazis, calling for the extermination of the old and weak and wealthy. Whereas people like him want to reward the rich because they are obviously the best of our species.

    There are lots of ways to thin the herd with impunity, Prof. Bardi. Benign neglect, as you suggest, is one. The elites could also succeed by making life SO miserable for the poors and the olds that they would be glad to end theirs.

    It’s happening now. More descent into grinding poverty for people who once expected a comfortable existence. Degrading treatment by bureaucracy and businesses that shows the proles how they’re held in disregard. Natural disasters that smash whole sectors of nations like a boot stomping on an anthill, with no assistance aside from advice to “suck it up and get over yourself.” Who wants to live like that if they’re not cashed-up enough to Learjet to Davos until the bodies rot enough for the stench to dissipate?

    You’ve lived long enough to have absorbed the original “On The Beach” movie from 1959, eh? The black-and-white one where everybody dies! With the plucky Aussies carking it last. Filmed here in Marvellous Melbourne, officially the Most Clamped-Down City On Earth! By the finale, the government was handing out suicide tablets to willing gulpers. They reckoned that it would be better to have a quick end than a lingering radiationdeath. And that would only take weeks, compared to decades of degradation that can be expected by the bottom 40% of the today. The Disposables.

    Much of my work in the mental health field involves trying to prevent people from killing themselves. Lots of them lead marginal lives, not just in terms of finances, but insofar as being decent human beings who can feed and bathe themselves, not get in screaming fights with everyone around them, etc. It takes a lot of resources to beat back their desires to neck themselves. As society tumbles off the cliff, the attitude will be “Why bother to keep them alive? Let’s make it easier for them to do what they want.”

    I can foresee how clinicians in my field could transition from stopping suicide to facilitating it in a controlled, clean manner. Better that than having death-seekers jump in front of commuter trains (a popular way of ending it all here) because that disrupts the timetables of productive citizens on their way to work. Who’s going to pay the sanitation workers to hose the blood and bone fragments off the pavement when dozens of people a week are leaping out of tall buildings? Think of the loss of housing resale value when lonely forgotten miserables hang themselves in a closet and aren’t found until the smell of decomposition is noticed. Governments and banks (to the extent that there’s any difference between the two) are not going to want to have uncontrolled exits like that.

    Remember the cushy suicide parlours from the “Soylent Green” movie? You don’t think that could happen for real? How can the elites change the gestalted mindset about suicide? Not by making it a duty, but a positive. Suicide = Relief. Rest. The Ultimate Antidepressant. It could be sold via a heapin’ Fakebookload of Bernays sauce. TPTB could hype “only a limited supply of the suicidetabs -- act quickly to get yours!” What would be the brand names...?

    Self-Extermination is the Best Extermination! It avoids all that negativity of screaming and resistance fighters and accusations of crimes against humanity. I have seen the future, and there’s a lot less of it than there used to be.

    1. Who knows? Mr. Dunning Kruger could reappear one day or another. And thanks for reading my post in such a depth!

    2. Great systems come simple...

      Making Life self-walking to its grave is not a great or simple system - but rather short-lived, stupid and a waste of finite Energy resources.

      The Western Mind is immensely different from others - and that's likely due to the Climate and average ambient temperature in Europe and N. America in comparison to geographies closer to the tropic.

      The 'European' mind works for maximum 'action', the quickest possible.

      Others work for longer-term, with the least possible amount of Energy burned in the process.

      'European' mind fears freezing from cold 'this coming night' - like no tomorrow.

      Other minds know cold will not kill them 'tonight' - they have enough time to think it long-term, especially there is a very little readily-available excess Energy around.

      Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo and Liebherr have created monster mining trucks - like no tomorrow.

      Brains living closer to the tropics patch chassis for longevity, once, twice and more - but keep the drive train smaller ("how to repair broken chassis restoration of a broken chassis").

      The patched truck will transport more mass than the monster mining truck over their useful life.

      There is no such thing called 'Efficiency' when it comes to Physics and Energy;

      "Energy, like time, only flows from past to future".

      You want Life goes self-walking to its grave, you put exponentially more energy to achieve that than letting Life alone.

      Life will supersede the Social System that tries to make it self-walking to its grave - and that's due to the fact that more Energy has been put in designing, creating and activating Life than the Energy put behind the Social System.

      This Saxophonist was likely born when the B-52s were bombarding Iraq, killer sanctions imposed on its people and another few wars are yet to come.

      A European mind will think, why the audience have burst loudly in praising the player in the middle of his 'yak' tune?

      The audience have sensed how extremely difficult performing the tune in 'microtonalities' is - that the 'European' mind cannot feel, owing to when Music went from Spain to Western Europe in the middle ages, it has been standardised to get rid of microtonalities.

      The European mind kept itself seeing the keys of a Piano. Minds closer to the tropics see and hear much more between them.

      "Life cannot be killed by a murderer" - Iraqi folklore

    3. Of course I read your posts carefully, Sr. Bardi. You, along with Greer, Orlov, Kunstler (before he became a bitter old man transfixed by transexuals and Trump), Charles Hugh Smith and a few lesser Peak Oil/Doom bloggers are where I turn for a dependable dose of depression. Which, sadly, is reality. There’s nothing that us low-level mooks can do about the Cliff of Collapse. But my thinking is that if I’m at least mentally aware of what’s coming, I will have better odds of living through it with less pain. The ones who had NO IDEA! that it was all falling apart will be gobsmacked and throwing themselves under trains. Not me.

      I don’t know if I mentioned this on your former blog -- what was it called? Clytemnestra’s Love-in? -- but I had the honour of shaking your hand once. It was on Oct. 28, 2011 when you spoke at a Peak Oil-ish conference at the Firenze municipio. My wife of that time and I happened to be on holiday in Toscana. We were aficionados of The Automatic Earth (back when Stoneleigh was the main writer, not grouchy Ilargi, as it is now. Roel’s Dutch, though, and you know how they are...) We saw that Nicole was giving a presentation on her “Century of Challenges” video, so we got up at dawn where we were staying in San Gmiginano, raced through the Tuscan Hills in our rental car and caught her talk. I was chuffed to see that you were on the program too. I had been ploughing my way through a long essay you wrote on the collapse of the Roman Empire from circa 2009. So I had to buttonhole you to quickly gush some fanboi-dom.

      Don’t feel too complimented that I recall the exact day I encountered you. It was not such a big a deal in my life that the date is burned into my memory. But one of my hobbies is taking photos of street art. There were several striking sculptures in the town hall that I photographed and put into a picture gallery (along with many snaps from places and times worldwide) that runs as my computer’s screen-saver. So I’m often visually reminded of that event. Because of the art, not because of you.

      Still, it was a pleasure to be able to express my appreciation face-to-face a decade ago. I read a lot of Big Picture idea-based writing. You are one of the thinkers I find it worthwhile to return to. Keep up the good work, until the Internet censors finally squash you or the futility of prophecy frustrates you like it did for that ancient Greek doomistress.

    4. ANONYMOUS AT OCT 9TH I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU THANK YOU FOR THAT. that i'm good there. i get you i get IT. thank you for reminding.

    5. That looks like spam, but maybe it is not. Peace!

    6. Hello Ugo. Long time admirer of your work. Not you, never met you, but I could be! Bukko you are hilarious! I would probably like you to but since I'm nothing special that's not saying much. Ugo, it's short but I recognize Erica from John Micheal Greer's blog. Long disjointed sexually charged stream of consciousness rants. Dennis Gaudet Boston MA USA fired after 22 years of saving babies for refusing the cull shot.

  14. Random thoughts:
    This is exactly what is going on.

    It's not so much the $$ savings, as someone said, that doesn't matter so much when you can print as much as you want. It's more the energy/resources of the system that is strained and being shut down. When a body is under stress, the extremities and lesser needed systems are shut down first to save the most important systems. Is this not logically how systems would be shut down with less available energy year after year? This is one of the reasons the WEF wants everyone in the smart cities. Amenities (electricity, sewer, etc.) will be shut down to the rural areas first.

    I am almost 50. Played a card game last night with 7 other friends of similar age that I had not seen in 2 years. Every single one looked like they were in various stages of pregnancy.

    I helped someone move this summer in the state of Florida. He was a little more than half my age, just got out of the army, is in national guard. Did not appear to be overweight. It was a typical hot and humid day. This guy couldn't go more than 5 minutes without taking a break lol. Your health is the most important thing.

    It is relatively easy, for now, to purchase healthy food from local farmers in many parts of the country. Most shop at Wal-Mart though.

    I have little sympathy for the boomers. They had their chance to open their eyes (still do), yet they refused.

    One of my favorite quotes, I forget where I read it: Retirement is a vestige of the fossil fuel age.
    There will no such thing as retirement in relatively short order. Again, health is everything.

    TPTB have made it very clear a much bigger pandemic is coming, get ready. For the 3rd time, health is everything.

  15. Yesterday evening I watched again Elio Petri's "Todo Modo" (1976). Not only it features two great Italian actors (Gian Maria Volonté and Marcello Mastroianni) but it shows exactly what kind of people are managers of our society. You can have a taste of "spiritual exercises" from the basement of Bill Gates' mansion in Seattle. A psychopaths trying to "save" the world. Todo modo para buscar la voluntad divina. Indeed.

  16. Hello Ugo et al.,

    I remember living in Russia in the 1990s, when the life expectancy of men dropped from 66 to 56 in a couple of years. Disillusionment is lethal. As is liberal use of ethanol solvent.
    The opioid epidemic in the US is a similar outcome of disillusionment.
    Extermination is not so difficult as it sounds.
    Pull out the rug and see who falls.

    Let's see who will take the tab for the "corona stimulus packages" across the world, and I think those are the ones who are thrown under the bus.

    For the last 30 years or so, we have been in a global mood of giving advantages to the rich, so I don't see a change in official policy any time soon.

    The poor are sacrificed, when it comes to food and health. Most advertisement for "convenience food" and other rubbish is targeted towards low income families and low intellectual capacity people.
    In the Netherlands, where I live, the public health was at its peak around 1985, just before fast food was introduced. Since then, the rich get healthier, but the poor get vastly more obese, diabetic and sick.

    So I think the "deplorables" are the one who are collectively punished for not living up to the meritocratic ideals. Probably not explicitly and intentional, but nevertheless, they are the ones who are pushed into debt slavery and terrible health. At least in the corner of the world where I currently reside.

    I suspect that the poisoning of the poor is a scheme to keep them from revolting in the streets. It is hard to do a revolution if you need insulin and have a hard time walking, as Anonymous alluded to earlier.

    Let's see how it unfolds...

    Kind regards,

  17. +40 single/nokids foreigner males and all elderly... At least for Northern Ireland I am certain beyond opinions. Housing, private social housing, estate agents and selected landlords, as well as UK health system ordered to divert target audiences to particular locations(etc. stealth bacterium) and situations. Sort>categorise>nuke is the template, methods used may vary but it's done mainly via construction, landscaping, health, care, housing and councils.

  18. BEING MORTAL by Atul Gawande has many good recommendations for those of us who ARE mortal. Since much of what is described in this post is already happening in my country (USA), it applies all the sooner.

    Meanwhile, to the recommendations listed for alternative, DIY health improvement, I'd recommend getting some basic medical training for one's self and those we are close to. First Responder (especially Wilderness First Responder) classes are quite reasonable and offer DIY medical care at a level approaching what was generally available to anyone before WWII.

    As we're more and more left to our own devices, we'll need to step up.

  19. I don't really expect this comment to be published, I am disassociated but not dispassionate.
    Maybe that will fix these perceived problems (sarcasm :-)
    Was just looking at gross death statistics for italy, total deaths 2015 was about equal to 2020. Not much of a deadly pandemic, eh?
    I enjoy your blog,

  20. Do you know "The Socialist Phenomenon" of Igor Shafarevich?
    very interesting!

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