The Roman Philosopher Lucius Anneaus Seneca (4 BCE-65 CE) was perhaps the first to note the universal trend that growth is slow but ruin is rapid. I call this tendency the "Seneca Effect."

Monday, October 18, 2021

The Age of Exterminations (V): Suicide as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Regina Lisso, 21-year-old German girl, photographed in 1945 after having killed herself by ingesting a cyanide capsuleShe was unlucky enough to find herself in the crosshairs of a major propaganda effort where the Allied and the German governments collaborated to convince Germans to commit suicide. It is hard to convince people to kill themselves, but we cannot exclude that it could be tried again in some indirect forms. 

This is the 5th part (one, two, three, and four) of a series dedicated to exploring a dark area of human behavior: mass exterminations. Here, I examine perhaps the darkest part of it: when the victims can be convinced to submit to be killed or even to kill themselves by lies and propaganda.  

During the last two years of WW2, the German and the Allied governments found themselves in an unholy alliance. Both wanted the Germans to fight like cornered rats up to the very last moment but for different reasons. The Germans were trying to postpone their defeat; the Allies wanted the destruction of Germany's military and industrial base. You can find this story told in some detail in my book "Before Collapse" (1). 

A side effect of this weird bipartisan effort was the rise of perhaps the first psyop in history that tried to convince an enemy population to commit mass suicide. In 1945, the British printed and distributed in Germany a propaganda postcard written in German and supposedly issued by the Nazi government. It provided detailed instructions on how to hang oneself (postcard "H. 1321") (2). Even more weirdly, the Germans collaborated with the Allies in pushing German civilians to commit suicide. Possibly, they were possessed by a mystic intoxication about glorious death but, more likely, the German government reasoned that mass suicide was an easy way to get rid of unproductive people, mostly women and the elderly. The result was the wide distribution of cyanide capsules to the population. One of those cyanide capsules was used by Regina Lisso, a 21-year-old girl who had no reason to die but who was caught in the madness of the propaganda storm (5). Other Germans used different methods: hanging, drowning, guns, and more. 

Nevertheless, induced suicide as a weapon of mass extermination turned out to be scarcely effective. There are no reliable estimates of the total number of victims in Germany. It is mainly because of the chaos of the last months of the war, but also because everyone wanted to keep a veil of silence on the story after the war was over. From what we know, it seems that a few tens of thousands of people chose to kill themselves. Not a negligible number, but only a minor fraction of the German population, at that time over 60 million. It was small also in comparison to the number of victims of the Allied bombing, which turned out to be a much more effective way to kill large numbers of German civilians. 

The poor results of the joint Allied/German suicide psyop in 1945 do not demonstrate that much more significant effects cannot be obtained. In history, there have been cases where the casualty rate by suicide was 100%. An example is the fall of the fortress of Masada in 73 AD, where the Jewish defenders chose to kill themselves and their families rather than surrender to the Romans. A modern example is when, in 1978, more than 900 followers of the religious leader Jim Jones killed themselves in an apparent case of mass poisoning. 

In both cases, there were no survivors left to tell how exactly things went, but it is clear that, in Masada, the defenders killed each other rather than committing suicide. In the case of Jones' followers, it may well be that many of the victims, if not all of them, were gunned down rather than poisoned (3). It seems to be easier to convince people to engage in a consensual suicide pact rather than killing themselves directly. It is perhaps because they hope to have a chance to escape death at the last moment. It happened at the siege of Jotapata (Yodfat) in 67 AD when the commander of the Jewish forces (Ben-Matityahu, later known as "Flavius Josephus") escaped the suicide pact of the defenders and defected to the Romans.

So, it seems that psyops cannot easily turn suicide into a weapon of mass extermination. Even in the worst situations, rather than killing themselves, people will engage in desperate attempts at fighting back. That was the case of the Japanese kamikaze pilots, or the Native Americans in the 19th century with their cult of the ghost shirt

Nevertheless, there may exist creative possibilities for a "soft" elimination of large numbers of consenting people. One way could be not letting them know that they are being killed. Alternatively, they could be convinced to kill themselves in ways that they don't recognize as "suicide." Both methods require deception, but that's not a problem: deception is part and parcel of the very concept of "Propaganda."

We all know the story of people quietly walking into gassing chambers after being told that they would have a shower. It is an example of the strategy of deception used in Nazi Germany to eliminate that fraction of the population defined as "Lebensunwertes Leben," ''life unworthy of life.'' It included not only Jews and other ethnic minorities, but also "Aryan" German citizens affected by malformations or just considered a burden for the state. In Germany, regular medical doctors used barbiturates to kill children and gas chambers to get rid of adults. Neither the victims nor their families were told of what was being done. Officially, the victims were hospitalized to receive medical treatment; later on, families received notice that, unfortunately, their relatives had not survived the attempt to cure them. The number of ethnic Germans killed in this way is estimated as around 300,000. Much smaller than that of the Jews and other ethnic groups exterminated, but still not negligible and probably ten times larger than the number of Germans who could be convinced to commit suicide. 

In our times, we have methods to get rid of people with their consent that were not available in Nazi Germany. In terms of "substance abuse," we have a wide choice of substances that shorten one's life expectancy and that are willingly ingested by people. In some cases, they are forbidden, although obtainable illegally (heroin, cocaine, and others). Some are marketed but advertised with severe limitations (alcohol and tobacco). In other cases, they are heavily advertised and widely available (junk food). We also need to mention that some medical treatments are widely recommended as good for your health, but nobody really knows if they really are (4), and in some cases, it is discovered only later that they are very bad. Maybe you remember the case of Thalidomide, but there are many more in the history of medicine. Surely, there will be more cases in the future.

Although effective, these substances are slow and messy ways to get rid of people, and they may generate unwanted side effects. For instance, cocaine taken every day will shorten a person's life by about 10 years on average, too slow to be interesting for exterminators. It is at least unlikely that the diffusion of heavy drugs in our society is the result of an evil plan of extermination, although some agencies of the deep state may well have a role in their supply and distribution. 

At this point, the question is whether the stress on our society could accumulate to a level in which we would start doing the things that were done in Germany during the Nazi period, that is, to exterminate people singled out for some physical factor, religious belief, or ideology. And there is no doubt that our society is heavily stressed although probably not so heavily as Germany was in 1945 (not yet, at least). 

Of course, the reaction to this hypothesis normally comes with the sentence, "It can't happen here," and clearly, we are not seeing our governments distributing cyanide capsules to the population. Nor do we have evidence that doctors are willingly killing their patients. But a basic rule in history is that if something happened once, it may happen again. 

So, never underestimate what psyops can accomplish, nor how evil the people in power can be! And if they were to start reasoning like the German government did in 1945, they have a number of options that we can only hope will never be put into practice.  



(1) All traces of the infamous "H.1321" postcard exhorting the Germans to commit suicide seem to have disappeared from the Web. Why that happened is left to the reader to wonder about. Yet, the postcard can still be found at the "wayback machine"

H.1321 (and H.1380). This card, produced in March 1945, is entitled "Instructions for suicide by hanging." Seven suggestions are listed. The text is written in a ponderous and unusual style of German that required frequent use of a dictionary. The text starts on the back of the card (all text, no image) and is printed in red, giving the impression of being typewritten.

"If you want to avoid useless suffering, pay attention to the following instructions:

1.) Choose a strong cord, about the strength of a clothes-line. A thin one cuts and hurts.

2.) Tie the knot of the bow in a way that the bow will not tighten the cord. The cord must go unhindered through the bow.

3.) Grease the bow and cord well to achieve a sleek fastening of the noose.

4.) Avoid getting strangled before jumping, or you will have to struggle longer.

5.) Secure a full jump. This guarantees a break of the neck instead of getting strangled. Climb a chair or a table and fix the noose high enough (use a hook in the ceiling or wall), so that your feet will hang free after the jump.

6.) Put the neck through the noose. Make sure that the knot and bow are behind the neck, not in front of the throat.

7.) Jump courageously. If you want to be sure, then jump as high and bold as you can to fall down near your jumping location,”

The rest of the message appears on the front of the postcard, typed vertically at the left side.

“as if you wanted to make a joyful jump from the diving board into the water. The stronger the leap, the safer the break of the neck.

Don't hesitate!

The Horst Wessel standard is calling!

Hail Hitler!"


(2) From Ugo Bardi's book "Before Collapse"

By September 1943, after the surrender of Italy, it must have been clear to everybody on both sides that the Allies had won the war, it was only a question of time for them to finish the job. So, what could have prevented the German government from following the example of Italy and surrender, maybe ousting Hitler as the Italian government had done with Mussolini? We do not know whether some members of the German leadership considered this strategy but it seems clear that the Allies did not encourage them. One month after Italy surrendered, in October 1943, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin, signed a document known as the “Moscow Declaration.” Among other things, it stated that:

"At the time of granting of any armistice to any government which may be set up in Germany, those German officers and men and members of the Nazi party who have been responsible for or have taken a consenting part in the above atrocities, massacres and executions will be sent back to the countries in which their abominable deeds were done … and judged on the spot by the peoples whom they have outraged. … most assuredly the three Allied powers will pursue them to the uttermost ends of the earth and will deliver them to their accusors in order that justice may be done. … <else> they will be punished by joint decision of the government of the Allies."

What was the purpose of broadcasting this document that threatened the extermination of the German leadership, knowing that it would have been read by the Germans, too? The Allies seemed to want to make sure that the German leaders understood that there was no space to negotiate an armistice. The only way out left to the German military was to take the situation in their own hands to get rid of the leaders that the Allied had vowed to punish. That was probably the reason for the assassination attempt carried out against Adolf Hitler on June 20th, 1944. It failed, and we will never know if it would have shortened the war.

Perhaps as a reaction to the events in Germany, on September 21, 1944 the Allies publicly diffused a plan for post-war Germany that had been approved at the Quebec Conference by the British and American governments. The plan, known as the “Morgenthau Plan,” was proposed by Henry Morgenthau Jr. secretary of the Treasury of the United States. Among other things, it called for the complete destruction of Germany’s industrial infrastructure and the transformation of Germany into a purely agricultural society at a nearly Medieval technology level. If carried out as stated, the plan would have killed millions of Germans since the German agriculture, alone, would have been unable to sustain the German population of the time.

Unlike the Moscow declaration that aimed at punishing German leaders, the Morgenthau plan called for the punishment of the whole German population. Again, the proponents could not have been unaware that their plan was visible to the Germans and that the German government would have used it as a propaganda tool. President Roosevelt's son-in-law Lt. Colonel John Boettiger stated that the Morgenthau Plan was "worth thirty divisions to the Germans."⁠ The general upheaval against the plan among the US leadership led President Roosevelt to disavow it. But it may have been one of the reasons that led the Germans to fight to the bitter end.


(3) The story of the "mass suicide" in Jonestown is far from being clear. There were no survivors so the interpretation of what actually happened is mainly based on a tape with the last speech of Jim Jones, where we hear him exhorting his adepts to kill themselves. This is one of the many cases in which a mass killing event is explained on the basis of the near-miraculous survival of a tape where the evil guy of the story accuses himself of being the perpetrator. Another suspicious detail is that we know that the victims of cyanide poisoning normally die gasping for air, face-up, with their mouths open in a characteristic "grin" that you can see in the pictures of Regina Lisso. Instead, in Jonestown, nearly everyone died face down, and in none of the very few photos we have where we can see the face of the dead, we can detect the typical features of people dying of cyanide poisoning. Very few autopsies were performed, and it is likely that we'll never know exactly how these people actually died, but the hypothesis that they were gunned down, rather than convinced to commit suicide, cannot be excluded.

(4) The complexity of modern medicine is so high that even medical doctors may be at loss to understand what they are recommending. For instance, a large number of Americans are taking statins or other cholesterol-lowering drugs, and their use of statins is aggressively promoted. But is there evidence that statins significantly increase people's life expectancy? None at all, and statins have non-negligible side effects. So, why are people taking statins? Because their doctors told them so. And who told that to the doctors? At best, they read some scientific papers in a hurry and got the impression that statins are good. Or maybe they were convinced by the advertising of statin producers. Possibly, they know that statins are ineffective, but they won't take the risk of not prescribing them. In short, people take statins because everyone takes them.

(5) A commenter raised the question of whether Regina Lisso was really dead, since she looks relaxed, even beautiful in death. It is correct to doubt anything that comes from a government, and that picture was taken by a photographer working for the US army. But the setting, the posture, and all the details in the photo look just right. There are not so many photos of the bodies of people who killed themselves using cyanide in Germany, but in most cases, we see them lying face up, their mouths open, sometimes just a little, very much in the same posture as Regina Lisso. It also makes sense that it is a real photograph because the idea that a young and beautiful girl had killed herself to escape her "liberators," the US army, had no propaganda value for the Allies. 

Regina Lisso committed suicide together with her mother and her father, and the three of them are shown in several photographs easily found on the Web.  


  1. Could it be that some vaccines are given to millions of people not knowing that vaccines are harmful? Could it be that those vaccines are marketed as life-saving but are in fact meant to slowly kill people?

    I've been given a seasonal flu vaccine at my own request some 20 years ago. What a mistake! After that my general health was reduced and never returned to previous state. From that time I am very suspicious about vaccines. After all, how can I know what is in the liquid I've been given. I am supposed to believe that something good is inside, right? But how can I be sure? I do not have laboratory and knowledge to prove that vaccine is beneficial and harmless. There are some people who even claim that spike proteins are very similar to prions.

  2. Bravissimi Ugo!

    This is a great post. Simple, historical and level-headed.
    I have to say, I had no idea about any of the WWII info you provided and it's hard to deny worldwide conspiracies given these data.

    Thanks again and good luck!

  3. This hot link the use of statins is aggressively promoted.
    sent me here. which is my own untended blog.

  4. From Kunstler this a.m. and on point re suicides:Let us count the ways that America is committing suicide by Democratic Party policy. There is, front and center, “Joe Biden’s” vaccination mandate — with no basis in law, by the way — that is destroying most of the critical services industries in the nation: the hospitals, school systems, police forces, firefighters, ambulance squads, airlines, railroads, restaurants, you-name-it. No vaxx, no job for you — and no resuscitation for the unfortunate persons writhing on their kitchen floors in myocardial infarction. I’d say that depriving folks of their livelihoods while ensuring harm and death upon the citizenry is a bad combo for public order. One can easily imagine the righteous wrath building to the point where lamp-posts in capital cities are decorated with the dangling government officials who caused this to happen.

    Then there are the vaxxes themselves and the Covid cat that dragged them in. Do you feel all warm and fuzzy over a shot that will turn your body into a spike protein generator, considering how spike proteins behave in a human vascular system? Got any questions or doubts about the number of adverse events seen so far? Looks like more than ten thousand deaths in the USA directly attributable to the vaxxes under the VAERS registry, and millions of injuries around the world. Not to mention the murky origins of the disease, the participation of US public health officials in its design and development, and the colossal profits reaped by the pharma companies that sell the vaxxes. Have you noted the draconian desperation to vaxx up absolutely everybody, despite some excellent reasons for people to say “no thanks?” Does the Big Picture look a little nefarious to you? Like some parties are out to bump off a pretty large number of people — including parties who have stated out loud that steeply reducing the global population would be a swell idea?

  5. Another brilliant essay. Everybody would have understood the strong allusion to the current "vaccines". If you want someone to kill himself, you need to help him, no?
    What is the next step then? Maybe when people start to see the long term side effects, they will rather die than suffer? That would be in accordance with "free will" and "karma" our leaders seem to respect so much! Too bad you don't elaborate your views about modern psyops, maybe next time?
    Your comments about Jonestown makes me think of the "Solar Temple Order" whose members died mysteriously in the 90s. The media always talked about a collective suicide despite all the evidences.

    1. how the fu$k one can find correlation with vaccines?!!?
      only on the flat Earth mate. Take care

  6. Sorprendente, francamente. Y excesivamente especulativo, rozando lo fantasioso. ¿De verdad crees que se puede inducir a la gente a suicidarse ( "en masa", nada menos ) sin resistencia? La propaganda aliada buscaba tal vez la desmoralización; y la nazi, la desesperación, exacerbar la resistencia. En modo alguno, creo, exterminar a todo un pueblo. Y lo de las mujeres... las mujeres fueron las que sostuvieron el tejido productivo y la cohesión social en la retaguardia; mientras cumplían, por supuesto, con el deber de reproducirse. Los hombres mientras tanto, sólo "producían" muerte y destrucción. El abuso de drogas, es a veces un reflejo del malestar social, y también una válvula. Creo que el hilo de la serie se ha debilitado mucho aquí.
    Otra: No sé si conviene inducir a la gente al suicidio: a veces aprovechan para llevarse con ellos a quienes les presionan.

    En fin, si queremos hablar de suicidio, éste sí masivo, hablemos del que estamos cometiendo siguiendo con los BAU. La ¿sexta? extinción que pronostican algunos, no está muy lejos de seguir por este camino.

    1. Nada es mas facil: 'Somos Novios de la Muerte'....... todos, todos.

  7. Lo de las vacunas... Curiosamente, todos los países OCDE han querido vacunar cuanto antes a su población, excepto algunos, que rectificaron pronto. Si de verdad hubieran querido eliminar sectores improductivos: ancianos, enfermos crónicos, etc... no habrían invertido en esas costosísimas campañas. Con todo, a pesar de la gente que continúa combatiendo las vacunas, la inmensa mayoría, avalada por una ciencia también abrumadoramente mayoritaria, ha dejado bien claro que no tiene mucho interés en dejar de vivir antes de tiempo. Asumiendo algunos costos, eso sí, como el de que los Estados han salido ¿excesivamente? reforzados en su autoridad.

    Efectivamente, la mayoría no tiene por qué tener razón sólo por serlo, pero si los hechos y la ciencia la respaldan... También son mayoritarios, y peligrosos, los partidarios de seguir con este modelo de civilización, por más que se nos vayan mostrando ya, hoy, las funestas consecuencias que acarrea. Pero eso es otra historia...

    1. I'll comment on your other question directly in the post.

  8. AL ADMINISTRADOR. NO PUBLIQUE ESTE COMENTARIO, por favor. A Ugo: no tengo ni idea de medicina, pero tengo entendido que el suicidio por cianuro causa muchos trastornos y dolores. La apariencia de esa chica supuestamente suicidada sorprende por su beatitud y relajación. Tal vez a usted le conste la veracidad de ese documento, como parece desprenderse del pie de foto, pero, francamente, a mí me parece muy sospechoso. Basura propagandística para minar la moral del enemigo.

  9. There were survivors of Jonestown. 33 of them in fact,

    This includes Odell Rhodes, who saw the initial part of the murder/suicides and was able to hide and then escape to tell the Guyanese authorities of what happened

    1. Interesting. I had missed the article on Grunge. This Mr. Rhodes says that he saw the cups being distributed before he ran away. The others ran before the whole thing started. So, it remains true that nobody of the rank and file of Jones's followers survived. We'll never exactly know how things went.

  10. Mirror neurons and fear. For some, seasoned with a dash of popular irrationality, it becomes an intoxicating mix.

  11. Professore Bardi, your current blog has taken a much darker turn than the old one -- "Circe's Lunchmeat" or whatever it was called. I tried Oogling the name but you seem to have been censored so thoroughly that there is no mention of the thing. And now that Oogle has taken to charging me 5 U.S. cents for every search term (not to mention the American penny it demands for every time I properly spell its trademarked name) I'm not inclined to do much looky-loo'ing.

    You used to focus on civilisational collapse, of course, but it was Big Picture stuff, not up-close in-your-face like slaughtering rich people (not that there's anything wrong with that!) or mass suicides. Could it be that getting older, or the social tension around "jab or no job" in Italia, or the drumbeat of Doom for the past two viral years, has made your worldview personally depressed? Do you worry that too many morbid posts like this will get you in the crosshairs of the Internet Gods again, though? But maybe this is what they want -- to encourage self-exterminaton.

    That’s why I think that depression-spawned suicide is going to be the way that The Powers That Be eliminate the excess population. They're not going to do it in a hurry, a la Jonestown or those "no surrender" cyaNazis. Stop with your short-term thinking! Exterminating billions of humans over a brief time would disrupt the current pattern of doing things. The rich bastards at the top need an orderly system to keep their private jets flying and the foie gras flopping onto their plates. Getting down to the billion or so poorfolks necessary to serve the richest 100,000 and their 1 million close-in acolytes is best done slowly.

    William Gibson, the darkly-foresighted science fiction author, wrote a novel that featured a concept called "The Jackpot." It was a series of crises in the mid-21st Century, including plagues, climate-spawned natural disasters, small wars, famines, etc., that wiped out 80% of humanity. (The ones who lived through, often randomly, were said to have hit the jackpot in the novel.) No one big event, just a slow, relentless winnowing. I'd say we're in the first stage of that.

    Despite the infamous quote of evil American industrialist Jay Gould about being able to hire 50% of the working class to kill the other 50%, that's not efficient. Only a small percentage of humans are psychopaths who revel in murder. Most people, after they kill a few other men, women and children, have qualms of conscience. Sometimes they wind up killing themselves. We're not ALL sickos! Mass slaughters also invite resistance -- look at what happened just across the Adriatic from you in the 1990s -- and don't achieve their initial aims.

    It's better (for the sociopaths who don't care about average humans, that is) to create a climate of misery in which peasants will do the unpleasant task themselves. For free! No Einsatzgruppen to put on the payroll, supply with Zyklon-B, etc. A suicide-o-genic social environment would look a lot like what we're living in now.

    Ominousness is everywhere in the news. Life is getting harder for the lowest 90%. Take away hope for long enough and people will give up. It's the phenomenon of "deaths of despair" cited in the Case-Deaton study, or the lowered life expectancy in post-Soviet Russia. Lots of people are only loosely attached to life already, so it's not such a big thing for them to lose it. Sometimes directly, other times from not doing what it takes to prolong it.

    1. Bukko, wait for the next post and you'll see something that is really "dark"! This Monday.

  12. My outlook is twisted, because I swim in a sea of suicidals at work. I'm sure that a lot of people DON'T think about killing themselves all the time. I don't get paid to talk to them, though, or check their rooms for razors, belts, stashes of medication and other items that could be used to neck themselves. Many of these people are not that different to you and me. They've just given up, and see no point in living. The saddest cases are the refugees, especially from the war zones in the Middle East, who have seen so much death with their own eyes that nihilism is normalised. And this is in a prosperous country with a laid-back culture where the government tries to provide a relatively decent standard of mental health care.

    I see some high-functioning individuals who want to end it all, but most of them are, shall we say diplomatically, not the cream of the crop. The evil overlords (not a cabal of Illuminati sitting around a bunker at Davos, just the shared class interests of a diffuse bunch of unimaginably wealthy toffs) don't care if someone on welfare, or with a brain injury following a car crash, or who's too old to work, ends their life. That strengthens the economy, in the eyes of the wicked 0.1%

    As religious dogma dissipates, there's less of a "God says no" barrier to suicide (except amongst the Muslims I talk to, many of whom cite their faith as a protective factor). Suicide is psychologically contagious, as evidenced by clusters in high schools where when one student kills her- or himself, there will be copycats. And don't get me started on how much higher the suicide rate is amongst children who have had a parent do themselves in. Once the suicidal snowball begins tumbling down the Seneca Cliff, I believe an avalanche of death will be self-perpetuating. The authorities can encourage that not directly, but by making life so it's not worth living for the demographic they don't want to live. Call it "stochastic suicide."

    It's like the world is going through a slow-rolling sociological transformation where the people with a reason to live, will live. And the people who don't will eliminate themselves. Which is fine for the Greedy Ones in Control, because the non-productive are weeded out. So don't bet against suicide as the Final Solution, Sr. Bardi! Be patient.

    And don't give up hope. That's for other people. The ones who won't make it. What do you have to live for? Focus on that. There will be a lot more room to live in by the end of your naturally occurring lifespan. You’ll probably be able to move into a bigger place! Especially if it’s one of those where they didn’t find the corpse soon enough... Pro tip -- burn lots of incense.

  13. Gracias, Ugo, por la respuesta. Admito que me tenía que haber documentado mejor sobre la autenticidad de la escena. De todas formas, sigo sin compartir el mensaje de este episodio de la serie. Me resulta difícil asimilar que las personas puedan ser tan influenciadas desde el exterior para que contravengan el poderosísimo instinto de conservación que nos anima. ¿ Qué incentivos tienen, qué ganan, quienes se autoeliminan ¡ siguiendo las indicaciones de enemigos, incluso! ?

    1. I think that Seneca said it right when he noted that "only what's inside you can harm you." He killed himself, too. Of course we cannot know what passed in his mind when that happened, but from what we know, he died a dignified death, very stoically, possibly thinking that nobody can live longer than the years he has lived. Something similar may have been the case of the Lisso family. Did they die for their Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler? Maybe they were so badly affected by propaganda that they were thinking exactly that. But nobody can live longer than the years he or she has lived, so maybe they died a stoic death, too. Who can say?

  14. I am embarassed to talk about it because it is personal. Talking about drugs, not only it can shorten your life but also make you commit suicide. When you have experienced really strong sensations and feelings, normal life becomes absurd and meaningless. We are witnessing today a huge amount of synthetized new drugs available directly on internet (most often the Netherlands or east european countries). I can see the disaster around me and even wanted myself to end my life. This is pure evil. It's happening right now. I am lucky today but not everyone is.

  15. It's interesting that you don't mention the mRNA injections and the clearly coordinated international campaign (psy-op) to induce people to take the jabs of an experimental, largely untested, substance. The data, massively under reported, from the Vaers and Eudravigilance data bases show that the jabs far from being "safe and efficient" are actually killing people in large numbers, some 14,000 in the USA and 23,000 in the E.U. The other adverse reactions ranging from myocarditis to Bell's Palsy to infertility are exponentially greater than the deaths, numbering in the millions.

  16. Ugo and all, This is an older post by now but my first through the comments. In the USA, we use the category "deaths of despair" for both alcohol and illegal drug related deaths, and we have a lot of both. Mostly the opioid related deaths that must be in the international news, but no mention here ?

  17. More on opioid related deaths from CNN