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Monday, September 26, 2022

The Italian Election: the Right Wins, but don't Expect big Changes


The data are now almost definitive and, as you probably already know, it was a historical triumph for the right-wing parties, and in particular for the "Fratelli d'Italia" coalition led by Giorgia Meloni. 

The triumph of the right may make people outside Italy worried, but there is no reason. Elections in the West are now mainly for show. The Italian government has almost zero power, it is all in the hands of the European Commission, in turn controlled by the global powers. To say nothing about the pervasive corruption that affects the West as a whole. No decision can be taken without satisfying the various lobbies and mafias engaged in the feeding frenzy on what is left of the Italian economy. 

In any case, the left-wing parties in power up to now have made such strongly right-wing choices that I doubt that the "real" right can be more rightish than them! 

So, don't worry too much about who is the theoretical leader of the Italian government. Ms. Meloni is, in my opinion, not a bad person, but she can't do much more than rubber-stamp decisions taken elsewhere. Changes are going to come, but not as a result of elections. Right now, it is difficult to divine what's going to happen in the difficult winter that's coming, but something is going to happen. Something big.

Incidentally, the left played the game hard by using the "Putin card," that is, telling Italians not to vote for Putin's friends. Instead, Italians flocked to vote exactly for them. I leave to you the task of interpreting this interesting fact. 

"Do not vote for Putin's friends." La Repubblica, Sep 23, 2022



  1. Tsunami
    Bubbles and foam,
    A childs distraction.
    The monstrous wave descends.

    1. There's a lot of denial going on about Meloni's neo-fascism.

      Ugo's probably correct in saying that Italy won't go in a revolutionary new course - in the same way that Trump governed not very differently than a Democrat would.

      However ....

      Italy is the birthplace of fascism with fascist traditions and actions. When I was studying in Florence, for example, fascist terrorists blew up the train station in Bologna, killing 85 and wounding 200.

      There are well organized neo-fascist and right-wing parties.

      In contrast the left is weak and disorganized.

      Neo-fascism would be ready to revert to type if conditions in Italy deteriorate - which they well might do with skyrocketing energy costs and recession/depression looming.

      In addition, they would have allies in Hungary's far right government and other far right parties now gaining ground.

      Here is a short YouTube giving a sample of Meloni"s rhetoric, praising apple pie, motherhood, and the Italian Way.

    2. Ever heard of something named Gladio ?
      Well, it seems to me that the same people behind the blowing up of the Bologna train station are now in power in the EU Commission and throughout Europe, working hard to stamp out our few remaining liberties and to lead us all to WW3.
      So, allow me no to be to frightened by the so called "neo-fascism" of Meloni, since I now experience facism everyday in my own country, that is France... Sadly, I reckon this experrience is shared by many throughout Europe, including many people in Italy. Which could maybe explain why they voted for Meloni...

    3. GLADIO blew up the Bologna train station and it has been proved in the Italian high court.

  2. Who wants to bet the US blew the pipeline? What's the over under? Germans can't back out of the war now. Also the UK already restarted QE, not a good sign. Covid was only ever about how much the state cares for you, not an economic event ;)

    1. Of course the US blew up the pipelines, who else and cui bono? Both Biden and Nuland in Jan & Feb 2022 respectively announced they had ways to stop the pipelines.

    2. What would be the criteria to know who wins the beat?