The Roman Philosopher Lucius Anneaus Seneca (4 BCE-65 CE) was perhaps the first to note the universal trend that growth is slow but ruin is rapid. I call this tendency the "Seneca Effect."

Monday, May 22, 2023

The Seneca Blog is Closed


This quote is often attributed to Lucius Annaeus Seneca. I am not sure he actually said that, but it is appropriate to the current situation. The Seneca Effect blog closes down for the reasons explained in a previous post. But the spirit and the ideas of Seneca and his modest modern follower, Ugo Bardi, continue in other forms. Ugo Bardi blogs:

And this is what Seneca has to say on our current situation


  1. You have enriched many lives. Thank you, and Godspeed.

  2. Thank you for some fascinating posts here, Ugo. I look forward to following your new direction.

  3. Thanks for all your work on this blog. Will definitely follow your other blogs.

  4. Why - thank you all the same Ugo, for your works and writings! I wish you a good time and much happiness! One reason why readership may have diminished, apart from the Google Syndrome (struggled to find your blog often even despite entering your name and the blogs name in the search...) - you have communicated a core of teachings, and as ever so often, everything has been said, that which most people sought after here, and all additional (no doubt engaging) content becomes a side note.

  5. I enjoyed your Seneca blog, Thanks.
    I think because of the academic environment within which you dwell there is a communication gap between you and many readers.
    I would recommend you go on a journey and some how only meet owner operators of small businesses, like farmers and artisans. Avoid the government and corporate structures and people who work in them.

  6. Seneca cliff will try to be managed via never ending coercion to be fatally poisoned and/or enslaved on the way down. Not enough energy? Eliminate millions or billions of people... Now there's enough energy...


  7. I can only comment as "Anonymous " on all your Google pages now and I can't comment on your recently mentioned sunflower power blog at all now ... Anonymous is no longer a choice available, and the page reloads if I pick ArtDeco.

    Perhaps Google doesn't like me either... 🤔

  8. I've really enjoyed reading this blog and my personal favorite is Earth's Past and Future: a Long-Term View. I like how you're willing to change your views based on evidence and come up with interesting ideas. All the best with whatever you get up.